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Thank you for visiting our website! We are Dori and Steve Likevich and live in North Royalton, OH (a suburb of Cleveland) currently with four dogs, three Swissies and a Golden Retriever.

We have been actively involved with Great Swiss Mountain Dogs for over 20 years, attaining our first Swissy in January 1994. We enjoy exhibiting our dogs in performance events and the conformation ring, showing several Swissies to their championships. We have bred three of our Swissies, two breed champions and all with stellar health clearances. We currently have an outstanding male, CH. PACH Shadetree Xenia of TwinPine, UDX, RE, MXP, MJP4, MJPB, MDD, BDD, WWD, VGSX, who has sired several amazing litters.



TwinPine Great Swiss Mountain Dog is synonymous with working events throughout the Swissy community. We have been pioneers in almost all of the GSMDCA performance venues, putting some of the first GSMDCA working titles on our Swissies and helping write many of the recognized club event regulations.

We have been members of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America since 1993 and have volunteered in many varied capacities for the national club, including Vice President, Director, Corresponding Secretary, Newsletter Editor, AKC GAZETTE breed columnist, Versatility Chair and Draft Chair. Dori and Steve are both GSMDCA Weight Pull Judges as well as GSMDCA Draft Test Judges and draft clinic instructors, having led drafting clinics and seminars throughout the United States. Steve is also a Draft Judge for the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America. In 2008, we were awarded the GSMDCA Lifetime Achievement Award.


We are charter members of the Crooked River Swissy Club and have served as President and Treasurer for this regional club.


We are also obedience instructors for the Cleveland All Breed Training Club.

We both work full time outside the home. Therefore, our time with our dogs is precious. Away from work, we make time with our dogs a priority. From the titles our dogs have earned with us, it is evident we enjoy a variety of performance venues. And, appropriately, we are drawn to competing with our dogs in these venues.

We spend a great deal of time training and competing. A main goal in our training is to keep it fun. We use positive reinforcement in our training coupled with gentle and clear guidance.