CH. PACH Shadetree Xenia of TwinPine, UDX, RE, MXP3, MXPB, MJP7, MJPS, PAX, MDD, BDD, WWDS, VGSX

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Born May 2, 2006 at Shadetree Kennels in Martinsville, VA. Shadetree Kennels is owned by Cathy and Paul Cooper. Cathy, the current President of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America, has been breeding and showing Swissies for approximately 25 years. Jethro is the second Swissy we have acquired from Shadetree – Indi was our first.

Jethro’s dam and sire are CH. Shadetree’s Let Freedom Ring and CH. Willow Whsppalm Smarty Jones, respectively.

We brought Jethro home when he was 8 weeks old, and immediately began socializing and exposing him to all aspects of obedience, agility and drafting. We believe the first key to successful training is early exposure with lots of rewards and praise to build confidence in the puppy.

With the goal of one-day earning a Utility obedience title on Jethro, Steve introduced Jethro to picking up metal articles by stuffing peanut butter into metal tea balls so that Jethro would have a positive association with picking up metal articles. And, with the intention of putting draft titles on Jethro, we introduced him to the cart at 10 weeks of age by putting him in his wire puppy crate in a two-wheeled dog cart. Ava and Walt pulled the cart with Jethro in his crate all around Hinckley Lake and the horse farm behind our house. Steve also wanted to get Jethro introduced to agility equipment while he was a puppy, so he enrolled him in a beginners’ agility class specifically for puppies.

Jethro earned his first performance title at the age of 14 months – his Rally Novice title. From that day on, there was no stopping Jethro and Steve. Jethro truly is the poster child of the versatile Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. In addition to his AKC Championship, he excels in both AKC Agility and Obedience as well as in Greater Swiss Mountain Dog drafting and weight-pulling activities.

In agility, Jethro was the first Swissy to Achieve a Master Agility Excellent Preferred title, a Preferred Agility Excellent (PAX) title and the highest title in AKC preferred agility, the Preferred Agility Championship (PACH). He also was the AKCís # 1 Swissy in agility for 2011 and 2012.

In obedience, Jethro was the #1 Swissy according to Front and Finish magazine for several years in a row.  He placed First in Obedience at the 2011 Swissy National Specialty, was the first Swissy to ever achieve a High Combined score at an obedience trial and only the second Swissy to attain the Utility Dog Excellent obedience title.

In drafting, he has attained the GSMDCA highest draft title, the Master Draft Dog title and also works hauling logs as well as giving rides to little children in his cart.

He also excels at weight-pulling, earning the GSMDCA highest weight-pulling title, the Working Weight Dog Superior Title, having pulled over 2,000 pounds on multiple occasions.

Jethro earned his VGS (Versatility Greater Swiss) October 4, 2008 and his VGSX (Versatility Greater Swiss Excellent) September 5, 2009.

Jethro’s numerous titles are evidence that he is a very biddable dog. He has a calm, confident, and steady temperament. He has a strong desire to please. He is lovingly devoted to his owners and his canine pack. Jetho’s favorite place is next to Steve, and for all his performance success, loves to “chill” around the house, usually in the same room as his owners.

Jethro has also enjoyed excellent health, passing all health clearances and rating OFA “Excellent” hips. We are extremely fortunate to have Jethro as a member of our family.